Cloud Based Management

Cloud Based Integrated Server, Report



The Cloud technology offers new opportunities for every FEC owner/operator. Semnox has built the secure cloud offering to take advantage of the latest technology advances, to give unparallel convenience to the operators.

Further, keeping in mind the needs of the large corporate customers, cloud based management system has been developed wherein sitting in the head quarters, you can control each and every aspect of the center’s operations, thereby effectively enforcing the corporate control.

Setting up a Cloud Server gives you the following upgrades:

  • View real-time Reports of multiple sites no matter where you are through your laptop or Smartphone
  • Implement card roaming – The cards issued in one site and the currency can be used across all your sites
  • Create single dashboard to view the activities that are happening in the across all your sites
  • Control the centers operations from the headquarters, from headquarters launch new promotions, loyalty programs, change game prices and all of this instantaneously
  • Implement central purchasing – Purchase from the headquarters and receive at each location giving you effective control of the stock