Self Service Kiosk

Self Service KIOSK

This is a perfect balance of Design, Technology and Utility. It can be customized as per the tasks that needed to be done by it. It is a queue-buster and a One-Man-Show.

  • 19″ Touch Screen Display
  • Interactive voice based guidance system
  • Multi-lingual and easy to use Graphic Interface
  • Currency and Coin acceptors
  • Credit card integration (available for Australia and U.S.A)
  • Handles New card Issue, Recharges
  • Perform Customer registration

Mobile POS

Android Based Device which acts as a Point-Of-Sale Device or “Deducting Agent” has bought a whole new dimension to the Parafait Eco System. Improve customer experience by providing service at their place. Resolve customer queries, address their concerns immediately on the floor. Bust the queue at the cashier.

  • 7″ capacitive touch screen
  • Built in RFID reader
  • Issue new card and quickly perform card recharges
  • Can be used as an Order taking tablet at restaurants that have table side service with the option to print the KOT automatically in the Kitchen
  • Customer registration, email id/phone number capture
  • View customer activities, resolve issues on the floor
  • Multi-Lingual Support