Tickets and Redemption



Parafait provides integrated handling of the redemption process. Starting with ticket options such as e-Ticket or physical ticket to complete stock management of your redemption items.The Parafait’s eZeeInventory module acts as one stop solution for complete control of your redemption shop.

  • “E-Tickets” functionality, FEC owner can do away with paper tickets, saves paper, makes the planet Greener
  • Customer level “choice” of whether to operate in Paper tickets to E-Tickets, your younger customers can opt for paper tickets and older customers can choose e-Tickets

    • Provision to bar code all the items – makes redemption process easier as well better tracking of the gifts
  • Integration with the ticket eaters, the tickets shredded by ticket eaters loaded to customers card
  • Inventory tracking of the redemption shop
  • Fully functional Inventory module, with corporate control

    • Integrated purchasing and receiving
    • Stock counting
    • Min/Max stock level management
    • Costing
  • Extensive reporting on the items redeemed, stock in hand, stock below minimum quantity for effective business control