Entry Ticketing


Semnox’s Ticketing Sales Solution is a robust software for the amusement industry, allowing high volume visitor’s with access control very efficiently. Solution is flexible to handle the ticket in various forms including RFID cards, barcodes, wristbands etc.

Parafait integrates seamlessly with various ticketing channels – the customers could buy the tickets from the luxury of their homes, from the self service kiosks or at the cashier terminals. All of the ticket sale is centrally managed leading to an efficient guest service and centralized control in a single system. The ability to sell admission tickets, run promotions, apply discounts and collect demographics, setup membership programs makes the solution ideal for any entertainment destination.

  • Entry ticketing via multiple channels – Onsite, Online (B2B and B2C) and Self Service Kiosks
  • Flexible ticket – Can be RFID card, barcode, wristband etc.
  • Season passes, multiple entry packages
  • Combo offerings – Combine food/beverage, merchandize etc along with the ticket
  • Loyalty and membership programs