RFID Cards and Tags

RFID Cards and Tags



The Semnox Parafait Systems used RFID Technology. This gives the Parafait its versatility making it more adaptable to the customer and also making it environmentally friendly because its possible to use most of RFID products multiple times.

This is also called as “Contact-Less” technology because the user need not Swipe or hold it in a place for long. He needs to just keep the Tag on the reader. It is a high speed system making the wait time even less. Also one more advantage is it’s readability in tough ambient conditions.

These tags come in various customizable types such as:

  • Plastic Cards
  • ABS Wristbands
  • Key Chains
  • Tokens
  • Stickers etc.

You can increase the Brand Value of your Project by customizing the Tags with your Logo or designs.