• Easy tracking and maintenance of assets based on safety regulations
  • Supports task set up for an asset group or even a single ride
  • Assigns ad-hoc jobs, based on immediate need
  • Schedules recurring jobs, helps assign staff to the same, and tracks closure
  • Offers automated scheduling and job creation based on initial setup
  • Generates detailed reports based on completion of maintenance and repairs
  • Creates follow-up requests as part of scheduled safety/ maintenance checks
  • Available in tablet mode for technicians/ maintenance operators


  • Breathe easy. Comply with safety regulations and ensure your rides and equipment meet statutory requirements. Even those specific to your region or location. Easy to configure, our software lets you key in rules unique to your business.
  • Make your assets last. Get the most out of your investment in rides and equipment, by undertaking preventive maintenance. Link each asset to a maintenance schedule. So, extending its health is easy. Without placing additional burdens on staff.
  • Get answers. Identify maintenance-heavy assets; know the time and money they consume. Track what works, and which rides ask for downtime. Our module provides complete visibility into upkeep operations. Now, run your park with confidence.

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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