• RFID tags available as plastic cards, ABS wristbands, key chains, tokens, stickers, etc.
  • No need to swipe or place them at check-in/ registration; guests just need to tap them on the readers
  • Eco-friendly as they can be used multiples times


  • Stay ahead of the game. Improve your business with cashless transactions, and less waiting times. Create instant loyalty. And customize the tags with your brand.
  • Support staff accountability. With cashless transactions, and a holistic software that tracks it all, keep operations transparent. The result: no pilferages. And lighter workload for your staff.
  • Gain superior technology. The RFID cards and readers are part of a high-speed system, which crunches transaction processing times. Gain high readability even in tough operating conditions, making the technology investment truly work for you.

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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