• Use digital signage independently or with the Parafait ecosystem
  • Access and manage content from a centralized location
  • Customize and manage content for multiple screens
  • Data-driven content display
  • Dynamic event-based screen display
  • Content builder utility – setup the screen into zones that show different content
  • In-built scheduling system – change screens based on the time of the day


  • Attract and engage. Display more than just static images. Beam still pictures of the latest rides, play videos of guests having a blast, or show text-based announcements. Engage guests and boost your brand’s recall value.
  • Direct them the right way. Guide guests to the latest attractions, or to F&B centers and gift shops. Share unbeatable offers, upsell, and influence your guests’ purchase decisions. The best part: you can schedule content in advance.
  • Improve your business. Know which offers and packages are a hit with the crowd. When integrated with the Parafait products family, metrics based on the digital display are easy to access. Monitor, measure, and repeat the success.

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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