• Centralize inventory process with a headquarters and multiple sites (distribution centers)
  • Get comprehensive product definition and maintenance
  • Undertake barcode integration of products and locations
  • Auto-generate purchase orders based on stock level; create contract orders for perishables
  • Perform automatic stock level management and Bill of Materials (BOM) for all items
  • Track expiry date for perishable items and control inventory using LOTs
  • Receive orders – auto receive, partial receive, capture GRN, invoice number, etc.; issue products based on purchase order and requisition
  • Use Android App to manage it all, with offline capabilities


  • Automate recipe-based inventory. Never run out on the crowd favorites. Store the recipe, and automatically manage the reduction in individual items when a dish is prepared. Generate purchase orders. Monitor perishables, to stay fresh and full.
  • Get superior insights. Link eZee with your POS and Redemptions. Track inventory across departments. Our real-time updates will tell you what’s moving, while detailed reports will tell you why. Integrate it with reporting modules and track your profitability with a click.
  • Order and share. Purchase and store at a single unit. Or place bulk orders from your HQ, and ship consumables to the locations where they are needed. Your operations, run your way.  

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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