Cloud-based reporting

It pulls all data on your business, its functions, and guests, to a single dashboard. Make sense of it. And make good decisions without toggling between different tools. The big picture awaits you.

  • View activities across all your sites from a single dashboard
  • Get real time reports and analytics; customize them using filters and parameters
  • Share with teams on different channels like laptops or smartphones

HQ control

Don’t stop at knowing what’s happening with your theme parks. Centrally manage their operations – no matter their size or locations.  Take precise action, offer thoughtful experiences.

  • Control each center’s operations, services, offers, and promotions, from the headquarters
  • Implement card roaming: the cards issued on one site can be used across all your sites
  • Implement central purchasing from the headquarters, for each location

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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