• Define promotions, both for game plays and products
  • Activate loyalty programs, use business rule engine to setup points accumulation
  • Create tiered membership program with different discounts at different tiers
  • Use built-in database marketing via text, email, and social media
  • Online portal to view the points balance and expiry


  • Design lucrative offers. Prototype offers for different membership tiers or locations. Implement multiple discount packages. Promote new rides/ games. Or reward your returning guests. The world is your oyster, to win your guests over.
  • Gauge the success of your initiatives. Learn if offers are being redeemed. Track the success of newly promoted services, or revisit ones that are mellow. You have a full handle over your guests’ engagement, and how that impacts your theme park.
  • Reach out the way they like. Through emails, texts, or social media. Tell them what’s happening at your end, track responses, and offer support. Use the learning to build lasting relationships.   

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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