• RFID tags available as plastic cards, ABS wristbands, key chains, tokens, stickers, etc.
  • Easy readability even in tough ambient conditions
  • No need to swipe or place them at check-outs; guests just need to tap them on readers
  • Eco-friendly as they can be used multiples times
  • Customizable to your brand, so you can strengthen your presence


  • Add delight. With our RFID cards, your guests can breeze through the food court. No need to carry wallets to each counter. A single card is all that they need to order from different stalls or order multiple times.  
  • Create peace of mind. With no coins to count and change to give back, staff have more mind space to receive and service orders. Moreover, a cashless environment eliminates pilferages. That’s reduced losses and better accounting for you.
  • Design success. Track the activity of each RFID card/ tag. Know which food counters attracted the highest spends, and which occasions saw maximum card recharges. Armed with such insights, you can help staff design better culinary experiences for your guests.

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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