• 22″ touch screen display
  • Interactive voice-based guidance system
  • Easy to use graphic interface, in multiple languages
  • Can be integrated with credit cards in leading economies
  • Offers up-selling features
  • Accepts paper currency and coins
  • Issues new cards, and manages recharges
  • Supports new customer registrations and updates their profiles based on visits


  • Sell smart. The Self-service kiosk is easy to use, easy to service. And helps you cross-sell or up-sell, based on customer needs. That’s precision, delivered.
  • Remove manual effort. Be it billing, issuing of cards, redeeming tokens, or tracking engagement – our automated kiosk does it all. And prevents cash or token pilferages.
  • Make it fast and fun. No waiting time to purchase or recharge cards. No managing cash throughout the experience. Our kiosk is a queue buster. And a favorite with customers too.

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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