• Multi-screen functionality of the POS enables a single staff member to serve up to 6 customers at the same time; or even pause an individual redemption process, giving a guest time to choose the right item, while other guests are served
  • ‘E-ticket’ functionality eliminates use of paper tickets, making it eco-friendly
  • Integration with ticket eaters; the tickets shredded are loaded to customers’ cards
  • Coupled with our fully functional inventory module, eZee Inventory, get corporate control for easy tracking of items and stock:
    • Integrated purchases and receipts
    • Stock counting; min/ max stock level management
    • Costing
  • Detailed reporting of the items redeemed, stock in hand, and stock that is below required minimum quantity
  • Barcoding of all items to make the redemption process easier and track gifts better
  • Supports wireless barcode scanners, so staff can move around and complete operations faster


  • Make efficiency exciting. Automated process, easy tracking of inventory items, and multi-screen display of redemption activity. With these, your staff can deliver customer service, error free.
  • Manage inventory with a click. Monitor what has been claimed and what is left. Reduce pilferage. Strengthen product creation and counting.
  • Gift your guests more choices. When to redeem. In part or full. And for what gifts. Give guests greater control over redemption and offer flexibility; win their loyalty.

Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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