Wireless Debit Card Sytem

Presenting some of the sleekest Tap-To-Play game readers. All the readers of Semnox have been built to operate on wireless network, so you eliminate all the wires.

There are 4 models of readers that the customer can choose from. All the models work on the latest RFID Technology which means no more SWIPE..SWIPE..!? AGAIN SWIPE. All the customer needs to do is “TAP TO PLAY”.

Parafait LUMIN

Lumin is the latest innovation from Semnox. Some of the key features are listed below

  • Illuminating edges – Combination of 255 different colors and different patterns that can be dynamically set from the Parafait software
  • Customizable reader display themes. Capability to store more than 25 different custom made themes for different locations
  • Hassle free tapping: Ability to sense the card tap from anywhere on the screen
  • Built in Audio guidance: Completely customizable  audio guidance with Multi language audio support
  • Multilingual display: Ability to customize display messages and language
  • 100% Wireless communication

Parafait EDGE Readers

State of the art readers that have been launched keeping in mind the necessities of an Outdoor Park and Water Park

  • Flat, Sleek Design, sleekest in the industry
  • 3.5″ color display, capable of displaying animation
  • Wireless operations
  • Flashing LEDs, to make it look more attractive
  • Buzzer and Transaction bar to indicate completion of transaction
  • Comes in two colors – Black and Green

Parafait Touch 3.5″ Color Reader

Most popular reader in our arsenal

  • Equipped with 3.5″ color display, capable of displaying animation
  • Customizable theme
  • Wireless operations
  • Comes is 3 different color options – White, Orange and Green

Parafait Touch 2 Line Reader

These are the economical version of the TAP readers

  • 2 Line LCD display
  • Wireless operations
  • Comes in 3 different color options
  • Used for Indoor FEC