Satisfaction. Automated.

Errors and inefficiency don’t belong in the business of deliciousness. Which is why Parafait, our holistic solution suite, automates operations, eases the pressure on staff, and keeps functions sharp yet flexible. It even brings tools, data, and insights needed to meet guest expectations. So, you can step up every time, with ease.


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    The Ultimate Amusement Park Management System


    Speed up routine matters. Free up staff time and effort; reinvest it in customer service.

    Increase revenue

    Build great customer experiences. Reduce errors and turnaround times. Earn greater revenue and mind space.

    Go digital

    Keep pace with today’s business environment and customer expectations. Our solutions support both physical and virtual tools for managing guest journeys.

    Improve control

    Find everything you need to know about your business in one place. Make informed decisions faster.

    Grow your business

    More restaurants and counters and new services. Bring them on. Our smart technology scales with your business. And evolves to keep pace with market trends.

    Enjoy ease of use

    Built for businesses like yours, with features you want. In an interface so simple that your staff can use it with minimal training.

    Other Industries

    Entertainment Centre

    Simplify guest access to facilities and amp up the fun. Build customer stickiness, while reducing errors and pilferages.

    Water Park &
    Theme Park Management System

    More time to play, less time at queues. Give your guests the experience they truly seek, by bringing together sales, ticketing, CRM, and a host of other functions.

    Help your guests have the time of their lives, with Parafait, our solution suite.

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