Access Control System


Fully functional Access control system gives total automation to a Park. These not only control the crowd but also give very accurate information on the number of entries, exits and the time spent by the guest inside the park. This removes any manual interactions with the entry thereby easing customer convenience and eliminating any pilferage. The Gates and turnstiles can be integrated with RFID readers or Bar-code scanners which allow them to give access to valid ticket holders.

The different Kinds of Access-Control devices are:

  • Flap Barriers – Normally used at Park Entrance or Theater Entrance. It’s a heavy-Duty device and is the Top-Of-the-Line device when it comes to access control
  • Bridge Turnstiles – It’s a more Economical Version of the Flap Barriers
  • Tripod Turnstiles – These are generally used at entry points on rides, Xd theaters, bumper cars etc. They are the most economical models of Access controls
The advantages of Access Control Devices are:
  • It gives you the versatility of controlling games or rides which cannot be coin operated
  • It allows you put different prices or offers to promote new rides and promotion based entry
  • Outdoor Adventure games such as Zip-Lines, Rope ways etc can be controlled as well
  • When integrated with RFID devices it achieves the highest efficiency in terms of controlling pilferage
  • These devices can also be integrated with Bar-Code scanners