First of all, we would like to thank Semnox for a job well done in our project here in Sana’a Yemen. The outcome of the installation was great. The guys who were sent here did a great Job. I extend to them our deepest gratitude, for their work and their performance are highly appreciated. We are looking forward to future endeavours and a long business relationship with Semnox. ”

LASER GAME had a remarkable experience being associated with Semnox and using its user-friendly, reliable, and efficient software. The 24/7 online support is really outstanding. Highly recommendable if you are looking for a proficient POS solution supported by an experienced team of dedicated hard-working professionals. Cheers! All the best…Long way to go for Semnox. ”

I love Semnox…great solution for point of sales system. ”

The reason why we chose Parafait system is the response time for our inquiry is fast and the sincerity of the service being provided. What has been promised is being delivered on time and close coordination with the client is the key to better service. Working with Semnox is absolutely great, they know well how to take care of their customer, our sincere thank you to Raghu, Meghashyam, Arun for doing their best and also being patient in teaching us. We will still patronize Semnox for our future needs. ”

The two main reasons were price and ease of use. The system is very competitively priced and for us as a small company this is the main point why we took it into consideration. The reason why we went ahead with it was user friendliness. So far, our experience is excellent, and we can only recommend the system to others. No matter at what time, Semnox was there to help and even if it was not really a problem that stemmed from their system. ”

We selected Parafait because of the hardware it uses…!! You don’t need expensive servers and expensive readers; the system works with standard technology that you can get locally in your country….!! Also, the tech support from Semnox is truly 24/7…!! Every time I have a question, Semnox answers!! Every time help is needed, Semnox answers…!! Working with Semnox, it’s been great…!! They are serious people to work with…! ”

Parafait system is the best and most affordable system in the market. The service support is also excellent.

Semnox was always our first choice considering their quality and price. We have seen Semnox’s readers at various other locations in India and have received very positive feedback. With a crowd of over 100,000 walking in on our opening day, our staff were able to very quickly sell and top up game cards with ease. Our day end reconciliation hardly took a few minutes considering the amount of crowd we handled. We are very happy to have implemented Semnox’s Parafait suite of products. ”

When we finally found Semnox the first thing that amazed was the difference in prices from its competitors. We couldn’t believe that a medium sized center like ours could actually have a world class wireless card system. We went ahead with the installation and Semnox was with us all the way through helping us where ever and whenever required. Now it’s been 2 months and we just are amazed by the difference in revenues. Our revenues have increased by 50-60%. The investment that we made on the Parafait system was recovered in a couple of weeks. Moreover, I need not go through hundreds of sales files to get my figures right, it’s always just a few clicks away. My Management is extremely proud of its association with Semnox. ”

Considering our complex operations, we wanted a single system that could control the entire center including our indoor, outdoor rides, restaurant and control the entry/ exit at our seaquarium. Semnox’s Parafait suite of applications was the only one close to what we wanted with a price that could make sense for us to implement a cashless solution. We are extremely delighted and happy in making this choice and look forward to working with Semnox to fully automate the operations at Clacton Pier. ”

With Guayaquil being the largest and the most populous city in Ecuador, FECs are a very serious business here. After considering several companies we concluded that Semnox is best suited for our business and offered all the functionality that was required to stream line our operations and make our center go completely cashless. I am also very impressed with the speed of implementation and the support that was provided to our staff in getting them trained on the new system. ”

We were extremely happy with the speed at which Semnox completed the implementation given the short notice we have on opening our center. The unique thing about Parafait is its ability to adapt itself to our requirements making the implementation and training process seamless. We get very valuable insights on the revenue collections each day and a detailed game metric report which is so easy to interpret at the end of the day through Parafait’s reporting module. Also, Parafait’s internet management module makes our lives so much easier in managing our center considering the fact that most of the management team work out of a different location. We will be happy to recommend Semnox to other new and existing Family Entertainment Centers and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship moving forward. ”

Our experience with Semnox has been nothing but awesome. The Parafait system has assisted to do real-time monitoring of the stations at our carnival. The card system has made monitoring our POS much easier and at the same time reducing pilferage. Reports from the system assisted with post-event evaluation greatly, thus allowing us to improve our operations constantly. As my operations grow, I see how stable the system is. Even with additional readers and a bigger event space, I faced no hiccups. One of the greatest benefits of the system is the reports generated at the end of the day/ event. This is one area which was difficult for us to do when we were using traditional paper tokens. We could not track the collection from each stall as counting the tickets at the end of the day was very laborious and wasted a lot of time. With your system, we can now easily analyse the reports and the collection from each station.”

Many would consider it a bold move to change systems that we had worked with and on for eight years with some 1.2 million cards out there. We are happy we did, and it was very easy to train staff on the new system as it is logical, straight forward. Every business has its specific needs and Semnox were more than willing and capable to cater to our specific needs. ”

I am totally happy because it is absolutely convenient for both the entertainment operators and the customers to use this RFID system. All our customer needs to do is to tap on the readers and play. On top of all the useful convenience this system brings nothing matches the reports that it produces. From the sales way up to the redemption reports. ”

It was a great experience working with Prajwal as he was very helpful and made things easy to interpret/ understand.

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