• 灵活多样的票务方式——RFID卡片/身份标识卡,条码,腕带手环等.
  • 多种渠道结合的票务销售方式——现场购票,互联网订票(B2B和B2C),自助售卖机.
  • 可以办理季度或年度通行证和一卡通.
  • 实现全面的集中控制.


  • 轻松的营销方式.可以设计餐饮,商品,票务结合的运营方案.可以设置特殊季节(节日)和团购方案,让您的顾客满意的同时增加您的营收水平.
  • 无论何时何地您都可以管理好一切,无论销售网点情况,还是到访顾客数量,我们将所有数据整合之后呈现在您的面前,帮助您查看它、了解它、跟踪它,看看哪些设备更受消费者青睐,哪些设备需要调整运营策略.
  • 等候时间比以往更少,我们的解决方案提供了跨渠道的整合方案,现在员工可以实时更新和了解状态并作出快速响应,让顾客不再为排队而担忧.

FAQs about Entry Ticketing And Cashless Solutions

No. The ticketing system works well for parks of all sizes and it can even be used for multiple locations.
Our local offices and partners offer 24x7 support through trained personnel and our global support centre is always available for you. Additionally, an engineer always available online.
The best option for you is based on the geography, size, nature of your business & park requirements. Semnox provides consulting expertise to help you make an informed decision. Our systems are capable of supporting any of the above options.
Yes, Semnox does supply Korean-made, high-quality RFID locks. Our Parafait Park Management system can also help with managing locker operations.
Yes. Parafait can help you manage all park operations in a cashless manner with the integrated solutions approach.
Semnox can provide you with Self-Service Ticketing Kiosks that can take care of ticketing as well as F&B operations in a Park.
Yes. Based on your requirements, we can provide security-encrypted RFID/Barcode/QR Code based cards, wristbands and more.
Yes. We can provide you with a range of Access Control Gates options. If you wish to integrate with third-party Access Control Gates, we can do that too.
Parafait is a technology solution that leads to process automation. The automation, in turn, leads to reduced pilferage & human intervention, reducing operational cost. Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help improve your operational efficiency, reduce operational costs & create a better experience for your customers.
All tickets are tracked in the Parafait system and the details can be viewed in the dashboard at any time by the administrator or anyone with the relevant authorization.
The only prerequisite is the Need & Intent of a park to implement the Parafait system. The Semnox team can detail out the ‘Need’ to implement a system based on existing Park operations & pain points. This should justify the ‘Intent’ of implementation by the park operator. As such, the Semnox Park Management & Ticketing System can be implemented at any park.
This depends on the nature of the park, its operations & its capacity to handle change management. Based on our experience, we typically take 4-8 weeks for implementation, training & for the park to get accustomed to the change.
The Semnox system has the capability to handle both scenarios based on the park’s operational needs.


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