Check-In / Check-Out Module

  • Bill customers based on time spent at the attractions
  • Provide free playtime in the Welcome Offer; bill over and above time spent
  • Charge over time spent in blocks of time or per minute charge with varying pricing
  • Capture details including a photo for easy identification and managing security concerns when kids are involved
  • Bundle attractions/games or F&B as packages
  • Define and allocate tables to customers for managing pool, snooker, table tennis, etc.
  • Auto check-out customers based on pre-defined timelines

Radian Wristband

  • Lightweight, robust and durable
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Vibration alert when time is about to expire
  • RFID based NFC technology to identify and activate the wristband
  • LED bezel with software-controlled patterns for easy identification of the individual in the group
  • Standard wireless communication that provides wide-range coverage across the facility
  • Changes color based on a predefined event

Achievement Management Module

  • Define rewards and points based on completion of or performance in an activity with respect to predefined criteria
  • Accumulated points or credits are stored against the player card and can be redeemed for purchases at the venue
  • Foster competitive spirit and let guests engage more in activities at the venue
  • Integration with Inventory and Redemptions Module for easy redemption of loyalty points gained


Other Solutions for Family Entertainment Center

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