GRS Fantasy Park


GRS Fantasy Park is an amusement park in South India which includes a water park, a dry outdoor park, a snow park, Inverted Museum and food courts. With both dry and wet rides, it ensures a fun-filled vacation for the entire family.

Until late 2018, GRS was running all operations manually — with paper tickets, manual accounts reconciliation, manual lockers, and so on. Their legacy system was cumbersome and was compromising the guest experience.

The Semnox solution was to implement the Parafait Park Management System for the end-to-end operations of the venue. This included RFID tags for cashless transactions, Access Gates, RFID readers, digital signage, modules for reporting and inventory, and much more. This implementation made GRS one of the few parks to have complete cashless operations. The new system has helped boost staff productivity, improve the guest experience and streamline operations throughout the venue.

semnox grs park

GRS Fantasy Park is an amusement park situated on the Mysore-Bangalore highway in South India. With 40 acres of lush greenery, this venue includes a water park, a dry outdoor park, a snow park, Inverted Museum and food courts. With 33 dry and wet thrilling rides, it ensures a fun-filled vacation for the entire family. The interactive river called Amazonia is very popular among visitors. With spacious restaurants, gift shops and amphitheatre, GRS Fantasy Park offers an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Until late 2018, GRS was running operations manually. They were issuing paper tickets and manually validating the same at the entrance. The accounts reconciliation of their various cost centres was also being done manually and they were using a variety of incompatible software at these cost centres. Their lockers were operated manually and they had a standalone Online Booking Module which had no integration with their onsite management system.

Their legacy systems did not allow them to identify and reward their loyal customers or run real-time promotions based on customer spend. To put it simply, there was no automation in place at the park and there were problems with accounts reconciliation, pilferage and reduced sales.

The solution implemented by Semnox was to move all park operations onto the Parafait Park Management System. Here is a breakdown of the approach taken by Semnox: 

  1. Implementation of RFID based entry ticketing with access control (a mix of Flap Barriers  & Tripod Turnstiles), RFID locker management, Rental Module, F&B  sales, Group Bookings with operations across approximately 30 POS counters.
  2. A single RFID tag (silicon wristband) given to visitors or a group of visitors can be used by them for all activities and purchases across the park, including F&B counters, Rental, Retail, Merchandise counters etc. where the POS are all powered by Parafait. 
  3. Entry is automated by 3 lane Flap barriers powered by Parafait Edge Readers. The visitors get access into the park based on successful validation of their Tag and there are designated recharge counters inside the park for recharging the tag when the credits run low. The same RFID tag also helps visitors to operate their assigned Locker Cabinet.
  4. Entry to the 5D theatre, GRS Snow Park and GRS Inverted Museum is automated with Semnox Access Gates and Readers. 
  5. The 2 self-service restaurants — Indra Dhanush (veg) and Hawaiian Paradise (multi-cuisine) — have cashless operations with the Parafait F&B Module.
  6. Capacity Based Reservation is done at GRS Snow Park via the Semnox Reservation module. Visitors can choose slots for entry into the Snow Park based on their convenience and the availability of slots.
  7. Digital Signages are placed at all park entrances to display tag validation status and other useful Park safety and operations-related information or announcements.
  8. The Inventory Management module is used to maintain the merchandise stocks.
  9. The Parafait Reporting Module which is capable of generating 100+ reports is used to analyze park operations. Semnox has also built several custom reports for GRS specific to their operations for better analysis & decision making.  
  10. The Online Reporting Module via the cloud and the Online Ticket Booking Portal with  B2C functionality has been implemented with seamless integration.

With the Semnox software and hardware technology that is in place at GRS Fantasy Park, it is one of the few parks to boast of being completely cashless with end-to-end automation. 

grs fantasy park goes cashless with semnox’s parafait

The seamless change management executed by Semnox at GRS Fantasy Park yielded the following results: 

  1. Increased in-park sales & revenue with the adoption of cashless operations.
  2. Ability to identify customers based on their spending and offer them discounts and run real-time promotions.
  3. Seamless operations with no hassle of accounts reconciliation at the cost centres.
  4. Improved staff efficiency, better service, and faster turnaround time leading to effective queue management at the Point of Sale (POS) counters.
  5. Cloud-based HQ reporting helped management to access reports & monitor all park operations and performance anywhere, anytime.

At first, the Semnox solution was implemented only at the water park. Witnessing its success, the solution was later also implemented at the snow park and Inverted Museum. As a result, GRS Fantasy Park is now operated through a single integrated system.

The transition to the Semnox system brought vigour into the GRS team. They are now always well-informed and able to take business decisions quickly. The intuitive user interface of the Semnox system has enabled all staff members — even those who are not so tech-savvy — to get on board and get work done without any issues.