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Panda Aventura in Colombia implements Semnox Parafait

13 Feb 2020, Thursday

Panda Aventura, part of the Bogota, Colombia based Divertoys group of companies has implemented Semnox Parafait RFID based venue management and debit card system. The initial scope of the implementation included POS systems and RFID based LUMIN readers for the game room. “We chose Semnox primarily because of

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Semnox – Fantasy Island Mark Three Years of Fruitful Association

07 Feb 2020, Friday

7th February 2020              Semnox’s integrated business solution implemented at Fantasy Island Amusement Park, Lincolnshire, UK, has been running smoothly for three years now. With more than 50 indoor and outdoor rides as well as over 400 arcade machines, Fantasy Island is an

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CEC Entertainment, Inc and Semnox score 5-year winning partnership

08 Jan 2020, Wednesday

January 8th, 2020 CEC Entertainment, Inc.  the nationally recognized leader in family dining and entertainment with its Chuck E. Cheese restaurants and Semnox, the leading RFID based venue management solution provider have scored a 5-year winning partnership. With what started as a testing of RFID based debit card

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VGP Marine Kingdom adapts Semnox Parafait

19 Nov 2019, Tuesday

With its efficient park management solution, Semnox has powered automation at VGP Marine Kingdom, Chennai. This new facility, which is India’s first underwater tunnel aquarium and one of the largest aquariums in this part of the world, is using the Semnox park management module in its entirety right

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Semnox Parafait Enables Cashless Operations at Funtasia, Ireland

11 Nov 2019, Monday

12Nov2019 Funtasia Theme Parks, Ireland, has become the newest to join the list of satisfied Semnox clientele with its successful adoption of cashless automation through Parafait. With centers in Drogheda and Bettystown, Funtasia is a popular attraction with people of all ages given its exciting rides, indoor arcade,

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Semnox launches Parafait Achievements 2.0

25 Oct 2019, Friday

October 23rd, 2019 Semnox has announced the launch of Parafait Achievement 2.0, aimed at driving engagement, encouraging repeat play and repeat visits through game playing and gamification. The technology leverages the concepts of point scoring, competition and rules of play. The solution involves the use of Parafait Tap-to-play

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Semnox Releases Blackbullet – Here is what it has got!!

25 Oct 2019, Friday

Reiterating our commitment to enhancing user experience and enabling ease of use, we have recently released the BlackBullet version of software with the following features: Ø  Revamped reservation and booking module. o   It enables the creation of party checklists and assigns a host to the party o   Also

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Greenspace Leisure starts using Semnox Online Booking Module

16 Oct 2019, Wednesday

Oct 16, 2019 Greenspace Leisure Private Limited – one of the prominent park operators in UK, starts using Semnox Online Booking Module since August. Greenspace is one of the proud users of Semnox for more than 3 years. Semnox Cashless system has been in use at 5 different

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Funcity Outlets Switch to Semnox Cashless RFID Systems

11 Oct 2019, Friday

11October2019 Semnox Solutions has successfully enabled Funcity to migrate to cashless RFID systems at its outlets across India. The company has made the switch from its existing card system to  Semnox’s RFID system that functions on a ‘tap-to-play’ model for a seamless experience. Starting off with a pilot

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