• Tags can be RFID, Barcode, or QR Code-based
  • RFID tags can be used for purchases and to operate lockers
  • Tags available as plastic cards, ABS wristbands, key chains, tokens and stickers
  • Easy readability even in tough ambient conditions
  • Customizable to your brand so you can strengthen your presence



Easy, Even for Kids

Purchase tags at different points of sale – online, kiosks, or on-site counters. Recharge and play — it’s that simple! No more bulky wallets or purses to carry around.

Easy, Even for Kids

Enhanced Security

Unlike tickets, cash, or credit cards, non-transferable tags prevent unauthorized access. Guests have peace of mind and value for money. And you eliminate fraud and pilferage!

Enhanced Security

Increased Revenue

As the leading cashless solutions provider, our tags and readers allow for faster processing and reduced wait times resulting in more efficient sales and improved customer experience!

Increased Revenue


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