• 22″ touch screen display
  • Interactive voice-based guidance system
  • Easy to use multilingual graphic interface
  • Accepts payments from credit cards in leading economies
  • Offers up-selling features
  • Accepts paper currency and coins
  • Issues tickets in the form of RFID, Barcode or QR Code Tags/Wristbands
  • Supports new customer registrations and tag recharge
  • Supports waiver signing



Boost Revenues

Cross-sell or up-sell as needed with this self-service kiosk that is easy to operate and easy to service. Understand the preferences of your guests and create tailor-made promotions.

Boost Revenues

Remove Manual Effort

Be it billing, issuing of cards, redeeming tokens, or tracking engagement – our automated kiosk does it all! While also preventing pilferage and reducing the need for manual effort.

Remove Manual Effort

Respond Quickly

No more waiting in line to purchase or recharge cards and no dealing with cash throughout the experience. Our kiosk is a queue buster — and that is why customers love it!

Respond Quickly


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