• Tickets available in the form of RFID cards/tags, barcodes, wristbands and more
  • Guests can buy tickets onsite, online (B2B and B2C), and at self-service kiosks
  • Allows you to create season passes and multiple entry packages
  • Centrally controlled by a single management unit
  • Choose between flap barriers, bridge turnstiles or tripod turnstiles for seamless access control



Upsell With Ease

Roll out combination offers. Allow promotion-based entries. Attach different prices to rides. Offer seasonal promotions and group discounts. Keep your guests happy and your business thriving!

Upsell With Ease

Centralized Control

No matter the point of sale or volume of guests, we integrate all the data and help you make sense of it. Track footfall, see which rides are crowd favourites and identify which ones need a rehaul.

Centralized Control

Faster Turnaround

Our holistic solution enables cashless transactions and integrates data across channels, giving your staff real-time updates about operations so that they can respond quickly and resolve queues in no time.

Faster Turnaround


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