Pitamoni and LMBOL

pitamoni and lmbol

Pitamoni (FEC & Restaurant) and LMBOL (Bowling Center) located in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico recently implemented the Semnox Parafait platform. Multiple Parafait modules were implemented including the POS, Food & Beverage solution, RFID card system, Party Reservation and Inventory Management. The latest tap anywhere LUMIN RFID reader are part of the solution with combination of 255 different colors and different patterns that can be dynamically set from the Parafait software. The multi-lingual features of the application allowed easy configuration of Spanish language on the software and hardware interfaces.

Mr. Cornelio and Mr. Ramiro López, business owners of Pitamoni and LMBOL, being early adopters of technology, ventured into card system about 15 years back. With a desire to continue to adopt the latest and best in technology, they started to look out for the right solution. “Creating fun moments is serious business. We wanted to get it right, so we selected Semnox Parafait after a detailed evaluation of systems over 2 years” said Mr. Ramiro López.

“Parafait has encouraged my business to provide a better customer service, because I can launch different promotions, according to the information gathered in the automatic reports that I programmed and scheduled to receive daily” said Mr. Ramiro López.

“As Semnox continues to expand the business in the central and south America markets, end to end implementations like this reinforce the breadth and depth of the platform’s offerings” said Estefania Monares Floriano, Business Associate, Semnox Americas.