How to Anticipate Your Guest’s Needs and Deliver Delight Consistently


People love it when you anticipate their needs and give them exactly what they want, without them having to ask for it. This is especially true in the entertainment and leisure industry — the brands that we love the most are the ones that fulfill our desires without us having to express them. 

There are various parameters that help you identify the customer needs, and the solutions implemented need to focus on these parameters to help you attain the goal of providing customer delight. 

Parafait 360° Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution will help you see the world through your customer’s eyes, tease their preferences, meet and exceed their expectations, and build relationships that last a lifetime! Let’s find out how. 

Feature-Rich CRM for Family Entertainment Centers

The Parafait CRM has several modules that leverage data on guest behavior to provide you with in-depth insights into their needs and expectations. It then helps you use those insights to roll out exciting promotions, membership programs, loyalty programs, and campaigns! Here are the details of each module: 

  • Campaign Management Module: Let’s say you want to create a marketing campaign targeting guests who have not visited the venue in a few months and would like to invite them to visit again. You can do this with the Campaign Management Module and communicate it to selected customer groups from your contact directory to make sure the message goes out only to the target audience. Targeted campaigns can be created around different groups of people based on the need of your business.
  • The Parafait Promotions Module: Have an awesome offer or discount that you can’t wait to tell your customers about? The Promotions Module will help you create promotions, offers, discounts, or gift vouchers within the module and define the duration for which it is valid, which can then be communicated to your guests. This module offers a simple but a sureshot way in which you can increase footfall and frequency of guest visits at your venue.
  • The Parafait Membership Module: Want to make sure that your regular customers feel valued? The membership module offers options for you to create membership tiers with exclusive privileges and offers for different tiers and VIP members. With this, you can kickstart a positive feedback loop that results in guests visiting your venue more often!
  • The Parafait Loyalty Engine: If you are looking for ways to reward customers for their loyalty — for example, giving them a special offer for their spend of $100 in your venue, or their 10th visit at your store — the Loyalty Engine helps you get it done. Think of it as an engine that drives the cultivation of loyalty to your brand. 

You can now reach your guests via text, email, or social media with your promotional messaging and engage them meaningfully through their preferred medium of communication. With the Parafait CRM, you are always one step ahead — anticipating your guest’s needs and providing to fulfill their needs without being asked, in other words — delivering delight every step of the way! 

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