Cross-Sell & Up-Sell: Opportunities for FEC and Park Operators


With the challenging year that the entertainment and leisure industry has had, it’s more important than ever for both indoor and outdoor venues to find new opportunities to boost revenues while offering their guests good value for their money. 

While there are several strategies we can talk about, some can boost revenue in just a few days! Mike Abecassis, CEO of GameTime had deployed the Parafait Klassic self-service kiosks at six of his family entertainment venues and within days, the company reported a 5% increase in revenue by applying the upsell function on the kiosk! 

Opportunities like these and more are just waiting to be unlocked — provided you have the right system solutions in place. At Semnox, we have built the Parafait solution suite to drive revenue creation for business owners while also offering value-for-money to guests. Let’s take a look at how you can expand opportunities for cross-selling and upselling by deploying Parafait at your entertainment venue! 

Create & Sell Exciting Combos & Packages 

Combos and packages are the most obvious opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling — operators can create combos that include entry into the venue, food, and beverage options, playtime on game machines, or a certain number of rides. With an integrated platform like Parafait, Combos can then be sold online, on the Self Service Kiosks or at the Point-of-Sale

Additionally, while making purchases online or on the kiosks, guests can be nudged with recommended items that would complement their purchase. 

Build Long-Term Relationships with Your Guests 

Parafait offers 3 additional ways for entertainment venues to upsell to their guests while boosting brand loyalty and building long-term relationships: 

  • Tiered Memberships: The 360° CRM solution from Semnox enables the creation of membership tiers offering special privileges and discounts for guests who choose to become members of your venue. These memberships allow loyal guests to save money in the long run, while ensuring a steady source of income for the business. 
  • Subscriptions: Guests now have the option to ‘subscribe and save’ at your venue! The Subscription feature enables entertainment venues to configure their products to be subscriptions-based and allows entitlements for subscriptions that can be utilized by the guests. It also comes with an additional option for auto-renewals, making the process easier for the customers and the recurring revenue from subscriptions a boon for the business operators. 
  • Annual & Season Passes: Yet another upsell option for venues is to create custom annual and season passes with benefits and entitlements defined for specific activities or specific days, as defined by the business. 

Are you excited about leveraging these opportunities to boost revenues at your entertainment venue or park? Then reach out to our representatives right away — email us at or call us now!

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