POS User Interface: Impact on Revenue & Operational Costs

pos user interface impact on revenue & operational costs

Point-of-Sale (POS) is the first point of customer interaction at any entertainment venue. The speed at which cashiers can process transactions makes a big impact on customer experience. The amount spent by a customer is likely to increase when the wait-time at the sales counter is short. So, it goes without saying that an easy-to-use interface is a must for any arcade POS system or amusement park POS system.

Speed, flexibility, and ease of navigation are three key factors that are essential for a good POS design. Research shows the screen tapping speed of cashiers is at least double that of normal users. The POS systems are usually fixed in a place, which means that standard font and button sizes will strain the eyes. Cashiers have an added responsibility of creating a pleasant experience for customers while interacting with them. A difficult navigation structure in the POS will make it difficult for the cashier to focus on the customer, making the customer experience less than ideal. 

In short, a POS interface must be designed with the cashier in mind, so that they can engage with it quickly, thus preventing queues from building up. The interface also needs to be well-organized and reliable.

The New & Improved Parafait POS for Entertainment Venues

Semnox’s Parafait POS has been deployed at entertainment venues across the globe for over 10 years now. During this time, there has been a significant change in the user experience, technology understanding, and also the expectations of the end-users. Today, user interface design plays a vital role in enhancing the end-user experience for any interface. The industry as a whole has also innovated on the principles of good interface design. 

With these observations and considerations in mind, Semnox’s Parafait POS is seeing a massive revamp. Some of the major enhancements that come with this redesign include:

Consistency and Progressive Look-and-Feel
All screens have been redesigned to improve consistency and modernize the interface. 

  • A single font style is used across all screens.
  • The scaling of font sizes has been kept consistent. 
  • UI elements come in three sizes – small, medium, or large. 
  • The fonts, UI styles, and icons have all been modernized.

As a result of these changes, the POS interface reduces the strain on the eye and the text is more readable across all screens. 

Easy and Intuitive Navigation
Navigation is now more intuitive across all screens.

  • First-level selection is always on the left. The second and third level actions are aligned to be in the middle or on the right, as required. 
  • Context-specific messages are shown in the footer.
  • When there is a sequence of actions involved in completing a task, there are wizards that guide the user step-by-step. 

As a result of this upgrade, cashiers will find it easy to use the POS with minimal training, thereby cutting the cost involved in staff training. 

Smooth Screen Resolution Handling
The POS can now be used on monitors with different screen resolutions without distortions. The content on the screen will scale smoothly and appropriately when a higher or lower resolution screen is used. 

User-friendly Touch Targets
The touch targets on the interface have been enhanced to make them less stressful and more user-friendly. The action buttons are large enough and there is adequate spacing between the action points, thereby helping the cashier orient to the screen better, thereby avoiding the risk of tapping wrong screen actions. 

What’s more? The Parafait POS is just one part of the exceptional Parafait Venue Management system. The true power of the POS is unlocked through its integration with all the other modules of Parafait. 

To know more about how Semnox can help your business implement the POS and understand how we can help you stay ahead with technology for your business, reach out to our representatives right away — email us at sales@semnox.com or call us