How Fast & Secure Online Ticketing Helps Parks Expand Their Reach

how-fast-secure-online ticketing helps parks expand their reach

In the last decade, we have seen many theme parks and amusement parks launch their own websites. The next logical step has been to also include the option of purchasing tickets and other items on the same website. In 2020, online ticketing isn’t just a nice-to-have option — it is becoming a must-have channel that provides a simple, fast, and secure way for guests to make purchases, while also helping operators expand the reach of their entertainment venues. 

Semnox’s Online Ticketing module is a classic example of how an integrated ticketing solution is the best bet for entertainment venues to increase the footfall and frequency of guest visits. Let’s take a closer look at how it works. 

Driving Both B2C and B2B Ticket Sales

The Online Ticketing module helps venues sell tickets either directly to their customers through the integration of the module into their websites (B2C) or through agent partners who get their own login (B2B).

  • B2C Direct Sales to Customers: The Online Ticketing module is hosted as a customized sub-domain on the official website of the venue operator. The system allows the operators to create various options for ticket sales, including adult or parent tickets, and various combo offers that include food, beverage, or merchandise options. Operators can also provide the option for customers to purchase entry tickets to attractions based on predefined schedules or time slots. Customers who prefer not to register to book tickets can utilize the Guest Login option. If required, the integration with the digital waiver management module allows waivers to be signed online. And so, when the guest visits the venue, they can skip the queue and the paperwork, and simply get down to having a good time! 
  • B2B Sales Through Agent Partners: Many amusement parks and theme parks have agent partners who sell tickets on their behalf. The Online Ticketing module allows the operators to create separate accounts for these agents, set varying percentages of commission for them, and handle their payouts easily. The module also has debit card support for B2B ticket sales. This results in truly empowered agent partners who can help the venue become the go-to entertainment destination while operators manage their accounts easily within the system.

Becoming the Preferred Option Among Guests 

While on-site ticket sales at the POS will always be around, online ticketing is becoming the preferred option for many guests as it allows them to plan their visits in advance. Operators also get real-time visibility on purchases as the Online Ticketing module is integrated with the on-site sales at the POS. This means that operators have real-time capacity control, ensuring that the venue is never overcrowded while being used to its full potential at the same time. 

The module offers multi-language support with an intuitive user interface, secure payments through credit or debit cards, and the option to integrate third-party payment gateways. The module also has integrations with leading Online Ticketing Aggregators like Viator, helping venue operators further expand their reach. 

Are you excited by the potential that online ticketing holds for your venue? Do you believe that it can create a great first impression on your guests? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away and learn more about how we can help you — email us at or call us.