Seamless Waiver Management at Amusement Centers and Theme Parks With Semnox’s Parafait

seamless waiver management

Signing a waiver is an important aspect of amusement centre and theme park operations, helping reduce liability and minimize legal exposure should any unexpected accidents occur. But the process of waiver management itself can be cumbersome — legacy systems use pen and paper or a standalone Waiver Management module for signing and authenticating waivers. 

Moreover, customers are required to sign a waiver for every activity they wish to take part in and wait in a long line just to validate the waiver at a popular attraction. Overall, this makes for terrible customer experience.

As with anything else, technology has provided a way out. In this post, we are going to look at how the latest upgrade of the Parafait application for amusement centre and theme park management includes multiple enhancements that make waiver management seamless and easy for all involved. 

Amusement Park and Water Park Waivers Simplified

The recent release by Semnox simplifies Amusement Park and Water Park waiver management by integrating it with other park operations on a single platform. What this means is that the customer is given increasing degrees of freedom in how they go about getting their waiver signed or validated. 

  • The customer can now sign the waiver at the POS as well as on Kiosks and Tablets. This is particularly useful when staff availability is limited or near popular attractions where there might be a crowd. With the inclusion of tablets, the staff can get waivers signed on the floor itself. 
  • Guests can also sign waivers online. The party host can email the guests a link that allows the participating guests to sign their respective waivers.
  • An attraction can be booked without signing the waiver first. But before guests take part in the said attraction, the system enforces a waiver check. 
  • Using a Wacom device, the staff can capture the digital signature of the customer on the POS and can also validate the waiver by verifying the phone number or email address of the customer. 
  • To ensure that customer information is kept confidential, customer data can be hidden from the staff and a ‘waiver code’ can be used to validate the waiver. The staff can also view, print, email or deactivate customer signed waiver copies.

Another key possibility that is unlocked with this waiver management solution is the ability for adults to sign waivers on behalf of minors. Also, waivers signed in one location are valid across all locations of the amusement or theme park chain. 

Furthermore, the signed waivers are now linked to the customer instead of a particular transaction. So customers can sign a single waiver and take part in multiple activities under the same waiver until its expiry.

Seamless Waiver Management Made Possible

When you step out for a day of fun with your friends and family, the last thing you want to deal with is paperwork. The process of signing a pen-and-paper waiver is exactly the kind of thing that can put a dampener on an otherwise perfect day. With the waiver management upgrade from Semnox, customers can expect to spend less time in the formalities and more time having fun!

Do you own or manage a skating rink, rock climbing area, a trampoline park or some other attraction that requires waiver management? Are you keen on implementing the Semnox waiver management solution to create a seamless experience for your customers? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to learn more about how the Parafait venue management solution can help you and your business. 

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