Ticketing Kiosks at Amusement Parks and Theme Parks Get Smarter With Semnox’s Parafait

smart ticketing kiosks

The ease with which a visitor can purchase a ticket and enter an amusement park or theme park shapes the first impression they have about the park. And we all know that the first impression is the best impression. With the introduction of the ticketing kiosk, amusement parks and theme parks have the option of self-service ticketing in addition to manual ticketing by the staff at a counter. Based on factors like convenience, availability and personal preference, customers can now choose to either go to the staff or buy from the kiosk.

Ticketing kiosks that give you a great experience are usually hard to come by. But this is not the case with Semnox’s Parafait ticket printing kiosks. Designed by the industry leader in technology solutions for the entertainment industry, these kiosks are easy to use and dispense tickets quickly — ensuring great guest experience even during rush hour.

Amusement Park Kiosks That Visitors Love

The Parafait ticketing kiosks are the theme park and amusement park kiosks that visitors have come to love. These self-service kiosks are capable of printing and issuing tickets RFID wristbands or wristbands with barcodes. The kiosk can also be pre-loaded with blank wristbands that are printed on when the customer purchases a ticket. The ticket grants the visitor entry into the park and can also be used to make purchases inside the park, allowing for cashless transactions.

When a customer approaches the kiosk, they will be greeted by a simple touchscreen interface using which they can make the purchase. The menu on the kiosk is fully configurable. You can make available special products only on the kiosk or offer special prices only on the kiosk to incentivize the usage. The kiosk has the ability to accept notes, coins as well as credit/debit card as a form of payment.

To simplify the guest experience, the kiosk is not only multilingual, but it also has an in-built speaker to play audio instructions. In addition, the kiosk is capable of issuing tickets onsite for pre-booked tickets or online purchases through a simple OTP validation.

The Next Generation of Ticketing Kiosks

Parafait ticketing kiosks not only creates a convenient channel for customers, but it also reduces your labour cost as several functions that would otherwise require multiple staff at a ticketing counter can now be handled by the kiosk. This process automation reduces pilferage and gives a boost to customer convenience, allowing visitors to make purchases with ease.

Do you own or manage an amusement park or theme park? Do you believe that Semnox’s Parafait ticketing kiosks could make a wonderful addition to your park? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to learn more about how these next-gen ticketing kiosks and the Parafait facility management solution can help you and your business.

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