How Social Distancing Can Be Implemented at FECs and Amusement Parks

social distancing

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are faced with the challenge of implementing social distancing guidelines to ensure the safety of their customers and staff. Of course, some businesses will find it more challenging to do so — family entertainment centres, as well as indoor and outdoor parks that are usually crowded, will need to take a more thoughtful approach to social distancing. 

FECs and Parks are looking at ways to better manage the capacity. Normally, this system would help prevent overcrowding during peak hours. But now, the system becomes even more critical — it is not simply a matter of dealing with a few more visitors than expected — it is a matter of the health and safety of both the staff and the visitors. 

In this article, we are going to look at the ways in which the Parafait FEC and Park Management System by Semnox can be used for seamless capacity planning and implementing social distancing at FECs and Parks. We are going to explore how Parafait enables you to handle social distancing guidelines and provides your customers with a view of the capacity, ensuring they have peace of mind.

Better Capacity-Planning at FECs and Parks

If you own or manage an FEC or Amusement Park, the Parafait Management System can help you do better capacity planning right from pre-arrival through the entry to the exit, while ensuring your visitors have a worry-free experience. 

Broadly speaking, once you define the capacity of your FEC or Park, Parafait helps to make sure that this capacity is not exceeded. Parafait helps you regulate and monitor the capacity of your venue, helping you in adhering to the social distancing guidelines.  

Simplified Bookings For Visitors

  1. Parafait’s booking engine allows the visitors to either use the online portal or the app to make the booking. Customers can book entry tickets as well as any entitlements that they can use once they enter the venue. Parafait provides the capability to not only book/reserve the entry but also allows customers to book specific attractions be it laser tag or bowling or any other attraction of their choice. Customers also have the option of cancelling their bookings or changing the time slot of their visit.
  2. Upon purchase, the customer is provided with a confirmation email or text message that contains a barcode or OTP that can be redeemed at the entrance. Your staff can also be allowed to book slots for walk-ins at the venue entrance itself. 

This leads to reduced queueing & crowding at the facility entrance, ensuring that social distancing norms are implemented. 

Seamless Entry Management: 

  1. Your operations team is given complete visibility of all bookings for the day, for the week, or specific date/time in advance. They will be able to track the confirmed guest count within the venue at any time based on purchases, activity or gameplay data to ensure they don’t let in more visitors than the capacity limit. 
  2. The entry of visitors can be managed through a Semnox’s XCESS reader mounted on the turnstile at the entrance or using a mounted RFID tag reader like the XTER reader from Semnox. In addition to that, you can also have entry managed using a tablet POS or traditional POS.

This leads to complete control over the movement of visitors at the entrance of the facility & smooth movement inside the facility. 

Trust-Building With Visitors

  1. Now more than ever, it is important to instil confidence in visitors to make sure they visit your Park or FEC again. Using digital signage, you can display the visitor count at the venue at any given time and also display information on what’s being done to keep the premises safe and sanitized. 
  2. Similarly, your staff is kept in-the-know of the count of customers in the venue as well as the upcoming reservations via the Parafait Insights analytics dashboard, allowing them to better manage capacity planning.

This instils confidence in the visitors that their safety is being taken seriously, in light of the current volatile pandemic environment. 

Adapting Rapidly To The New Reality

The Parafait Management System is perfectly suited for allowing Parks and FECs to adapt quickly to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The speed at which businesses can earn the trust of their customers in this time is a crucial factor that determines how quickly the businesses will bounce back. When visitors know that a particular Park or FEC has taken all the required measures to implement social distancing, they will feel confident enough to have fun without worry. 

Are you looking to implement capacity planning at your FEC or amusement park? Do you see the potential that Semnox’s Parafait holds in helping you bring your business back on track? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to learn more about the Parafait venue management solution.

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