How FECs and Arcades Can Implement Minimum-Contact Guidelines

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With increasing awareness that COVID-19 is going to be around for a while, businesses across all industries are looking for ways to reopen while ensuring that their employees and customers are safe. FECs And Arcades are no exception to this. Broadly speaking, there are two aspects to the challenge facing FECs And Arcades as they reopen — the first is implementing social distancing guidelines and the second is minimising contact between people and surfaces, as well as contact between people as much as possible.

Having previously looked at the implementation of social distancing at FECs and Parks through better capacity planning, this article is going to focus on the second aspect — implementing minimum contact guidelines. We will look at how the Parafait FEC Management System by Semnox helps reduce or eliminate contact, making it easier for both indoor and outdoor facilities to keep their employees and customers safe. 

How Parafait Makes Minimum-Contact Possible

Parafait is an integrated system — it brings together all aspects of FEC operations, streamlining and automating processes. Let’s look at four specific ways in which Parafait makes minimum or zero contact possible. 

  • Online top-up: Parafait allows you to set up a custom online portal where your customers can top up their cards. This significantly reduces the interaction with the staff as well as dealing with cash/cards. Additionally, the portal allows for the booking of time-slots in advance for your attractions, enabling social distancing through better capacity planning. 
  • SmartFun App: The SmartFun app on Android and iOS simplifies customer experience further, allowing them to top up their cards and also make new purchases. The app also allows you to push promotional messages and offers to your customers through notifications, communicating to them the steps that are being taken to ensure their safety. 
  • E-ticketing and receipts: Parafait enables your game machines to give out e-tickets instead of physical tickets, which not only reduces contact, but it also reduces your operational costs. In the same way, receipts can be emailed to the customer rather than having them printed on paper and handed out.
  • Kiosks: Kiosks are a valuable automated tool to reduce human-to-human contact. Parafait offers various types of Kiosks to achieve this goal. 
    • Traditional Full-Service Kiosk for new card sales, recharging cards, and to check activity/balances.
    • Food & Beverage and Gamecards Full-Service Kiosk that is fully integrated with Kitchen System.
    • Full-Service Kiosk that dispenses RFID wristbands.
    • Customer Registration Kiosk to register cards and capture vital guest data for marketing.
    • Self Service Redemption Kiosk to allow guests to redeem prizes without directly interacting with the staff.

With the Parafait Management System in place at your Arcade, you can have peace of mind knowing that your employees and customers are safe. 

Reopening With All Necessary Precautions

As you move to reopen your FEC, it becomes essential for you to earn the trust of your customers. The Parafait Management System can help you reopen quickly while ensuring that all necessary precautions are in place. When visitors know that your FEC has taken all the required measures to reduce or eliminate contact, they will enjoy their time at your FEC without worry. 

Are you looking to implement minimum contact guidelines at your FEC or amusement venue? Do you see the potential that Semnox’s Parafait holds in helping you bring your business back on track? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to learn more about the Parafait management solution.

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