Smartphone App for FECs Opens up a World of Possibilities

smartfun the definitive app

On the iOS App Store and Android Play Store, you will find an app for everything you can imagine and for many things that you cannot even imagine! When 3.5 billion people across the world own a smartphone and 2 billion people access the internet only through smartphones, this app-mania makes a lot of sense. 

In the age of ‘there’s an app for that’, Family Entertainment Centers and arcades are not to be left behind. It’s easy to see the advantages of an app for FECs.

  • An FEC app gives greater convenience and flexibility to the customers, allowing them to buy and recharge cards online and even go card-less, using the app itself as a virtual card. 
  • An app can be very versatile and the FEC can expand it’s functionality as needed, engaging the customer in different ways. 
  • Best of all, an FEC app improves the customer’s overall experience and this builds brand loyalty. 

While arcades and FECs do not want to miss out on the opportunity that an app presents, there are several challenges. Building an app in-house can be a difficult task and outsourcing it to a third-party can be tricky. This is where Semnox steps in with its SmartFun app. As an industry leader in technology solutions for FECs and arcades, Semnox is perfectly placed to build an app that is in tune with the ground realities of running an FEC. FECs and arcades can simply use the app infrastructure with their own branding, making it easy to integrate. 

The Definitive Mobile App for Family Entertainment Centers

SmartFun is designed to be the definitive mobile app for Family Entertainment Centers and arcades. Available on both iOS and Android, this app comes with all the basic functionality that an FEC end-user requires. This includes buying a new card, as well as linking, topping-up and managing an existing card. 

Having a mobile app opens up a world of possibilities for FECs and its customers. The app can be as versatile as the FEC wishes it to be. Customers can be given the ability to block their cards if they lose them and the FECs can communicate and engage their customers through push notifications. The app allows the customer to view transaction & gameplay history. If a customer has multiple cards, they can be linked and managed on the same app and credits can be transferred from one card to another if needed.

FunCity – Making the Most of SmartFun

Among the first to leverage the power of SmartFun was FunCity. Owned by Dubai-based Landmark Group, Funcity operates 28 centres across India while continuing to expand. Primarily catering to children aged between 1 to 12 years, Funcity is one of the most recognized and popular FEC brands with a presence in India, the Middle East, and Egypt.

Available on the App Store and Play Store as the FunCity app, SmartFun takes all the features that were previously available only on the FunCity website and brings them to the end-user in an easy-to-use mobile app. Customers of FunCity have the ability to purchase new cards, top-up their cards, raise tickets, link one or more physical cards to a virtual account, check their loyalty points and balance and much more. The Store Locator feature allows customers to find the nearest FunCity location. 

SmartFun — A Game Changer For FECs

SmartFun is built to help FECs to engage their customers more effectively. The customer benefits from a more wholesome experience and is more likely to end up becoming a loyal customer to the brand. In the marketplace of apps, SmartFun is proving to be a game-changer for FECs and arcades.  

Do you own or manage Family Entertainment Centers or Arcades? Do you see SmartFun as the perfect way to take your business to the next level? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to learn more about SmartFun and the Parafait solution suite for Family Entertainment Centers.

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