With Parafait, Purchase Cards Online and Redeem Them at Any FEC Location

virtual store functionality

The success of any business depends to a large extent on creating a seamless experience for the customer. This is probably more true for Family Entertainment Centers and Amusement Centers than any other business, simply by virtue of the fact that people come here to ‘play’. They don’t want to put effort into anything that they feel is irrelevant. 

This is where a problem comes up — when a customer goes to the online store or mobile app of an Arcade or FEC to purchase a smartcard, the order is typically created against a physical store. That is to say, the customer has to choose a physical location while placing the order and is forced to pick up the smartcard from the chosen location itself! This tends to be very inconvenient for customers who aren’t sure where they will be able to actually pick up the card.

Smart Ticketing for Family Entertainment Centers

In order to resolve this problem and give freedom of choice to the customer, Semnox has enabled smart ticketing for Family Entertainment Centers in the form of a ‘virtual store’ update. This update has been rolled out as part of the recent Black Bullet 2.0 release for it’s Parafait FEC management software.

What does this mean? This means that when customers place the order for a smartcard, they don’t have to choose a location and the order itself is created against a ‘virtual store’ instead of a physical one. The customer can then pick up the card at any FEC location of their choice. 

The process is simple. The customer gets an OTP once the order is placed online and has to simply provide the OTP at any of the locations of the FEC franchise to obtain the smartcard. Additionally, this opens up the possibility of gifting the card to someone else in another city or country!

The Advantages of a Virtual Store for FEC Owners

The big advantage of this virtual store upgrade is the ability to group revenue from online transactions under a single site. This simplifies the accounting work to a large extent. In case the transactions from each location are required to be separate for tax purposes, the customer can be asked to choose a location while placing the order online, but still, have the ability to pick up the card at any location.

To summarize, with the Virtual Store functionality, Arcade and FEC smartcard bookings become location-agnostic. This allows the customer to purchase card products via the online store or mobile app, after which, the customer can visit any of the Arcade/FEC locations to transfer the entitlements to a new physical card. When the customer purchases card products online, the transaction will belong to the virtual site and the transaction can be reopened in the virtual store only.

Do you own or manage Family Entertainment Centers or Arcades? Do you see the virtual store upgrade as transformative for the way you operate your business? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to learn more about how the Parafait facility management solution can help you and your business.

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