Parafait Klaimprize: A Cutting-Edge Redemption Kiosk for Arcades

Parafait Klaimprize: A Cutting-Edge Redemption Kiosk for Arcades

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, most entertainment venues decided to lay low and cut costs. But Jeff Willy, owner of Loveland Laser Tag, Colorado, decided to take the opportunity to modernize his facility. He had noticed that the Redemptions Counter was often crowded with guests waiting for their turn to redeem gifts. Jeff found a solution that would reduce queuing — Parafait Klaimprize — a cutting-edge redemption kiosk for arcades

Delivering a Smooth Redemption Experience 

The Parafait Klaimprize kiosk makes the redemptions experience as easy as 123:

  1. The guest scans their ticket receipts or cards at the kiosk, selects the gifts of their choice, and submits the redemption order request. 
  2. The kiosk confirms the redemption order and prints a receipt for the same. It can also display the order to the staff at a redemption display system.
  3. The guest waits in leisure until their number has been called (via display board, announcement, SMS, or email) to collect the gifts from the Redemption counter. And that’s it! 

The Klaimprize redemptions kiosk for arcades also has the ability to consolidate tickets, print new ticket receipts, and load consolidated tickets into a new play card. The kiosk gives guests the option of redeeming gifts using play cards or manual ticket receipts — so if you want to retain the old-school experience of paper tickets, you can still do so. And in this way, the kiosk enhances the guest experience and boosts brand loyalty!

 The kiosk can also help reduce labor and overhead costs, as it did at Loveland Laser Tag. “We added two of Semnox’s Klaimprize kiosks and now customers can go up and choose their own redemption prices,” says Jeff. “This has cut down on our staffing cost because on slow days we don’t actually have to staff the redemption counter.” 

The Klaimprize redemption kiosk for arcades is fully integrated 

The Inventory and Redemptions module allows accurate inventory monitoring and eliminates operational glitches. You get detailed reports on the items redeemed, stock in hand, and stock that is below the required minimum quantity. 

The Ultimate Redemption Kiosk for Arcades 

The experience of using the Parafait Klaimprize redemptions kiosk is guaranteed to delight your guests! The seamless user interface with multilingual support, the expansive touchscreen, and the vibrant colors add a touch of magic to the experience of redeeming points for gifts. 

Excited to deploy Parafait Klaimprize at your venue? Then reach out to our representatives right away — email us at or call us now!

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