Centralized Inventory Management: Why Amusement Park & FEC Chains Need It


The success of your business depends to a large extent on how well you can track and manage your resources. Inventory management is one such critical building block. As a business operator, it is important to have a futuristic approach to how you manage your stock, and how well every inventory item is accounted for. If your business is a part of a bigger chain, then the challenge of managing inventory is compounded!


Semnox’s eZeeInventory — an advanced inventory management system — offers operators a simple yet deep and accurate way to manage stock of both F&B and non-F&B inventory products. In the recent Dominator release from Semnox, the eZeeInventory module has been rolled out as a cloud-hosted web application, giving it all the advantages of moving into the cloud platform. 

The Advantages of Cloud Hosting, and Much More! 

Alongside the several obvious advantages of migrating to cloud hosting, the web-based eZeeinventory has been optimized for better performance, better data security, increased stability, and greater speed. The low maintenance and additional resources required for hosting decrease the operational costs, thereby making it a sought-after option! The Parafait eZeeInventory web module offers you all these advantages, along with an improved user experience, with several new ease-of-access options.


But the most noteworthy advantage of web-based inventory is the centralized, anytime anywhere access for inventory management. As an operator, it is important to maintain enough inventory for products required at the stores. Anytime, anywhere access makes the process of ordering, issuing, and approving of items required for stores less time-consuming. 


When you have a chain of entertainment centers or amusement parks that require the same inventory, then web-based management allows you to control restocking, purchasing, or inter-store transfers easier and more logical, resulting in increased operational efficiency. A real-time overview of the inventory allows you to move the stock around within the stores, and within the chains, as needed. 

Maximizing Multi-Channel Sales & Customer Satisfaction

And there’s more! Managing multiple sales channels is simple when you have a centralized inventory system. Items can flow seamlessly through multiple channels and locations, based on the demand. The satisfaction of never having to turn your customers away because there isn’t enough stock is great, isn’t it?


eZeeInventory Web’s synchronization to Parafait POS, Redemptions, and Reporting modules makes it easier to collate and analyze the massive amount of data available at your fingertips. Answers to questions like: 

  • Which is the best selling product across all channels and all venues? 
  • What needs to improve or change from a logistical perspective?
  • Are there patterns in what customers prefer to buy based on the time of day or season?

…will now be available to you at your fingertips.


A final note on Parafait eZeeInventory Web — to further increase convenience for operators, the web module’s integration with the Parafait Redemptions module ensures constant availability of products for redemption, while the Recipe Management module, enables accurate F&B sales forecasting. These integrations ensure seamless operations, making the task of managing the inventory at your venue a breeze!


The ultimate goal of your business is to have happy customers who become ambassadors for your brand. When you consistently meet and exceed your customer’s expectations by being in line with what they want and providing them with their needs, this outcome is inevitable! 


Are you excited by the possibilities of centralized inventory management? Can’t wait to try out the eZeeInventory web module? Then reach out to a Semnox representative — email us at sales@semnox.com or call us now


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