Parafait Analytics Mobile App: Managing Your Entertainment Venue On-The-Go


As a business owner, your aim should be to focus on your business growth and not need to get caught up in micro-managing its day-to-day operations. Setting a reliable business plan and strategizing your business to align with its goals requires you to always have access to a high-level perspective on business operations, even on-the-go. 

Semnox’s Parafait Analytics mobile app is designed to give business owners total visibility on operations in an easy-to-understand visual format on their Android or iOS smartphones. All the essential metrics related to your venue, such as sales, footfall, ride trends, game trends, and operations, are now available at your fingertips! Let us find out what makes this app unique. 

Rich Visualizations for Faster Decision Making

The Parafait Analytics mobile dashboard comes with an in-built Tableau Platform integration that enables data-driven analytics with rich customized visualization. Data is presented in the form of bar charts, pie charts, bars with trend lines, and vertical bars instead of walls of text and numbers, making it easier for the human mind to process and interpret information, enabling faster decision making.

For instance, the Sales Dashboard on the app will be able to identify if there is a rise in footfall or sales in the last few days. The Game Trends dashboard for FEC operations will help you get information to identify the most popular or least popular games at your venue. Knowing critical information like this can help you streamline the operations in accordance with the business needs. 

Helping You Stay Ahead of the Game

Parafait Analytics allows you to sort the data on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis across multiple sites, allowing you to identify patterns and see the bigger picture. This way, the user will be able to anticipate future trends and act in line with the requirement. In other words, Parafait Analytics helps you stay ahead of the game!

The app is available as an add-on to the Parafait ecosystem of products and services. It comes equipped with purchase for multiple licenses for the app, with separate login credentials for each license. 

Semnox has always prioritized customer requirements and is an industry leader when it comes to innovation and customer support. If your business requires ad-hoc or custom dashboards, Semnox will customize the dashboards for you to add insights that are meaningful for your business.

Predictive Analytics & the Road Ahead

The future of predictive analytics in the entertainment and leisure industry looks promising. The usability of data gathered from across an entertainment venue compounds over time — the more the available data, the easier it becomes to find patterns. This enables the forecasting of future sales based on past sales and other forms of predictive analytics. And this is exactly what the Semnox team is working towards. 

Do you want to stop micromanaging your business and get on top of things? Would you like to have the essential metrics at your fingertips and always be able to keep your eye on the bigger picture? Then the Parafait Analytics app is for you! To learn more, reach out to a Semnox representative — email us at or call us now!

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