Subscribe & Save: Building Brand Loyalty in the Leisure Industry

Subscribe & Save Building Brand Loyalty in the Leisure Industry

From Amazon’s ‘Subscribe-&-Save’ option to Subscription Boxes that deliver the latest fashion or beauty products to your doorstep, there is a lot of buzz around subscription-based business models right now. The entertainment industry — especially amusement parks — have long used annual or season passes that are very much like subscriptions. In its latest release, Semnox has extensively expanded on these functionalities, providing a wider range of options. 

Semnox’s constant strive for customer satisfaction while keeping in mind the best interest of the operators, has led to the launch of the latest Subscriptions feature in its Dominator release. This feature allows both indoor and outdoor entertainment venues to configure their products to be subscriptions-based. The subscriptions can be set up with options for auto-renewals, making the process easy for the customers, while ensuring a steady income for the operators.

Subscriptions Configured to Maximize Delight!

Subscription products can be configured to maximize customer delight with the variety of offerings provided to them. Subscriptions can be combined with one or more products as packages, to help customers reap the maximum benefits. 

For instance, at a theme park, guests can be offered a subscription to include entry to the venue, access to a specific number of rides, and a range of food/ beverage options. And at an entertainment centre, guests can be offered a subscription option for a specific game or set of games, with a cap on the number of game plays, based on the subscription plan selected by the guest.

Savings for Both Operators and Guests

It is easier to retain an existing customer than to create new ones. Existing customers are the best ambassadors for a service or product. This is no exception in the entertainment and leisure industry. Subscriptions are a great way for the operators to stay connected to their customers. Apart from a steady source of revenue, operators also benefit from reduced customer acquisition costs. The entitlements provided along with the products get the customers to keep coming back to the venue and maximize utilization of the subscriptions, keeping them in constant reach of the operators. 

Providing subscriptions for a product at lower cumulative cost than individual products is always beneficial to the customers. They get more for a lesser price and are constantly in their comfort zones.

As an operator, the subscription feature provides further opportunities for sales, and helps you build a loyal fanbase of customers for whom your venue is the go-to entertainment destination! Subscriptions are a win-win for both entertainment venues and their guests. 

If you are an operator or manager of an entertainment venue, and you want to build a brand that your customers love, then choosing to upgrade your venue with the Parafait ecosystem of products and services is the best way forward! Simply reach out to a Semnox representative right away — email us at or call us now!