Reach Guests on WhatsApp With the Latest Parafait Integration

Communication is a key factor in building good relationships with customers. Being professional, yet personable in the way you interact with your customers is crucial to creating healthy, long-lasting relationships. In an era of fast-paced digital transformations, it becomes essential for businesses to move into spaces where people are comfortable communicating. As a business operator, it only makes sense that you stay in line with the comfort zone of your customers.

Today, WhatsApp is one such popular application with over 2 billion active users spread across 180 countries. Keeping this in mind, Semnox, in its latest Dominator release has worked towards integrating WhatsApp as a communication mode for operators to interact with their guests.

Semnox now makes it possible for both indoor and outdoor entertainment venues to leverage WhatsApp Business with an integration that is available for the Parafait Point-of-Sale and Online Booking products. The interactions can be customized and set up for business, allowing operators to send communications related to transactions, online bookings, offers, and more!

Setting Up the WhatsApp Integration

Parafait uses Twilio to help entertainment venues leverage the WhatsApp Business platform. Setting up your business on WhatsApp is very simple, you set up a WhatsApp Business Account with Twilio and procure a WhatsApp number, followed by setting up the same in the Parafait system.

The messaging works on templates that have to be approved by WhatsApp/Facebook. These templates can be related to transaction confirmations, game card expiry, or other non-marketing related information.

Secure, Trustworthy & Brandable  

WhatsApp verifies all business accounts and provides you with a branded business profile that allows your guests to know who they are receiving messages from. The guest receiving the message is asked for their permission when the first message goes through and they have full control over unsubscribing from future messages if they wish to do so.

WhatsApp also provides delivery information, giving you additional insight into what messages have been delivered and read. The brand logo is also clearly visible and so is relevant information about your venue. This helps build trust and increases brand recall.

In this integration, as of now, the communication is one-way — customers will not be able to reply to your messages. However, Semnox continues to explore ways in which this can be expanded — whether it be in terms of interactions or richness of the messages.

If you believe that communicating through WhatsApp is the right decision and would like to have a one-stop solution to manage your entire entertainment, leisure, or food and beverage business operations, with flexible and up-to-date industry-friendly integrations, Semnox’s Parafait could be the solution you are looking for! Reach out to a Semnox representative to know how best we can help you achieve your customer communication and business goals — email us at or call us now!