Parafait-Viator Integration: Another Step Towards Completing the Automation Chain

parafait viator integration

Amusement destinations like amusement parks, museums and zoos mostly see Online Ticketing Aggregators (OTAs) as an additional source of revenue or an extended platform for selling tickets. But it is also possible to create an integrated system by bringing the OTA and the onsite venue management system together. This is what has been achieved with the integration of Parafait and Viator. 

Viator, a Tripadvisor company, brings experiences to the world as the largest online marketplace of tours, activities and attractions. Parafait, a suite of entertainment venue management solutions from Semnox enables operational automation. With the integration of these two platforms, the automation chain in ticketing and bookings for entertainment venues has been completed.

Without this integration, tickets would be sold in a standalone manner and they would have to be manually validated at the venue. This has led to operational hazards and customer inconveniences, like inability to plan the capacity, pilferage in entry ticket counts as well as in revenue. 

The Possibilities Unlocked by the Parafait-Viator Integration

With the Parafait-Viator integration, the products in Parafait are displayed on Viator, allowing end customers to make bookings that are synced with Parafait in real-time. Available products, schedule, price etc. are displayed on Viator to online customers. The customer completes the booking and receives the confirmation. If needed, the customer is able to make changes to the existing bookings or cancel the booking. 

So, what’s possible with this integration is that the venue has immediate visibility of bookings made through Viator within Parafait itself, allowing for better planning ahead of time. Some additional features supported by the Parafait-Viator integration are:

  • The operating dates provided in the Parafait system will be synced with Viator daily.
  • Real-time availability checks against the onsite venue management system (i.e. Parafait) to see if the booked product is available for a given date, quantity, or schedule. 
  • New bookings are automatically sent to Parafait for easy redemption.

“Seamless guest experience and real-time view on online sales are some of the key advantages of the OTA integration,” says Mathew Ninan, Vice President at Semnox. “We are glad to partner with TripAdvisor-Viator to provide this integrated experience to our clients and guests. We continue to focus on integration with more OTAs as the Amusement industry explores increased revenue from online sales channels.”

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