Advantages of Digital Waiver Management at Amusement Centers & Theme Parks

advantages of digital waiver management at amusement centers theme parks

As we see increasing digitization of all aspects of the amusement centre and theme park management, waiver management is also going digital. With handheld tablets that the staff can carry on the floor and the possibility of signing waivers online, signing a waiver has become quick and convenient. 

But you might not be entirely convinced that your park or amusement centre should shift to digital waiver management. To help you make an informed decision, let’s take a look at some of the key advantages that digital waiver management has over old-school pen-and-paper waivers. 

  1. Increasing Freedom and Convenience For Guests

Guests visit parks and amusement centres to have fun and any time spent on paperwork is the opposite of fun! Digital waiver management makes the signing of waivers quick and convenient, giving increasing freedom for guests. If there’s a group that needs to sign the waiver, the party host can email the guests a link that allows the participating guests to sign their respective waivers. Additionally, guests can sign the waiver at the POS, at kiosks or on a tablet that the staff can carry around with them. All in all, you get to create a delightful experience for your guests, while avoiding unnecessary queueing and crowding at your venue. 

  1. Simple Data Management and Increased Security

When you go digital with your data, it becomes much easier to retrieve, sort and manage. The likelihood of errors and over writing is also significantly reduced. When a waiver needs to be validated, the staff can do so quickly by verifying the phone number or email address of the guest. The staff can view, print, email or deactivate signed waiver copies. You get increased data security as well — customer data can be hidden from the staff and a ‘waiver code’ can be used for validation. 

  1. Reducing Contact and Going Paperless

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed all entertainment venues to shift to technologies that help reduce contact between visitors and staff, and facilitate social distancing — at least for the foreseeable future. This applies to waiver management too — with the option to sign waivers online or on a kiosk, guests can now avoid potentially risky contact with staff entirely. This also helps reduce the use of paper, making your venue more eco-friendly and saving a lot of storage space. 

  1. Waivers Are Valid Across All Connected Locations 

The fact that the waivers are digital means that the same waiver can be used across all connected locations of your entertainment venue. Additionally, by signing just one waiver, guests will be able to take part in a variety of activities. 

We have previously written about how seamless waiver management is now possible at amusement centres and theme parks with Parafait. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Parafait digital waiver management allows adults to sign waivers on behalf of minors. And since Parafait is a holistic venue management system, you get the benefit of your waiver data being integrated with all other data from across your venue instead of being scattered all over. 

Do you own or manage a skating rink, rock climbing area, a trampoline park or some other attraction that requires waiver management? Are you keen on implementing the Semnox waiver management solution to create a seamless experience for your customers? Then reach out to a Semnox representative to learn more about how the Parafait venue management solution can help you and your business. Email us at or call us right away!