Party Reservations: Why You Need a Comprehensive Software

the party booking software from semnox

An essential tool that family entertainment centers need is a party reservation system. When customers want to book a hall or attraction for birthday parties or similar events, they must be able to do it quickly and easily. From the operator’s perspective, the system should allow for the seamless management of reservations from one place. And so, the more comprehensive the system, the better it will be for both end customers and operators.

The Parafait Party Reservation System from Semnox is one such system — it integrates bookings, sales, and other modules that give operators complete control and customers a smooth experience. Let us take a look at what makes this system stand out from the rest. 

All-In-One Party Booking Software for FECs

The party booking software from Semnox allows customers to make party hall reservations and group bookings, customize their bookings, schedule them and make secure online payments through credit card or Paypal. Customers will be able to check available slots from any device of their choice, all with minimum clicks or taps. 

But what makes the system stand out is the fact that it is integrated with the Parafait entertainment venue management system. This means that any bookings made are reflected across the system in real-time, giving operators accurate data about space reservations and availability, and allowing for better planning.

Let’s say a customer wants to book a party hall for their child’s birthday party. First, they select a particular package which might include activities at the venue, birthday cakes, snacks and beverages, return gifts for the guests and the party hall itself. Then, they pick a schedule for the party, customize the chosen package, pay the advance and confirm the booking. 

The moment the booking is confirmed, it is reflected across the venue management system. This means that overbooking of activities can be avoided and the kitchen can be prepared with the snacks and beverages needed for the party. Because the system is integrated, any waivers that need to be signed by guests for activities like rock climbing or trampoline can be included in the booking itself. The customer gets a waiver link that can be sent to the guests along with the party invitation. 

FEC operators using the Parafait Party Reservation System will be able to:

  • Reschedule bookings based on the availability of slots or cancel/override a specific attraction instead of canceling the whole reservation. 
  • Add a service charge amount or percentage, and handle variable discounts for the booking.
  • Avoid double booking by blocking a schedule which is in use. 
  • Track combinations and packages that worked in one location, and implement it in another. 
  • Assign a host for the party with one or more checklists of items that need to be executed before, during and after the party. 
  • Cross-sell or up-sell services to increase revenue.

As you can see, the comprehensive nature of the Parafait Party Reservation System gives you an edge by creating a more wholesome experience for your customers. Do you wish to learn more about the Parafait Party Reservation System? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away – email us at or call us