Gamifying Player Experience With the Parafait Achievement Module

gamifying player experience with the parafait achievement module

Gamification’ has been a buzzword in many disciplines for several years now — the idea that using points, badges, awards, and leaderboards, employee or customer engagement can be significantly increased. Of course, those of us in the entertainment industry know very well that games can be very engaging and addictive. To truly unlock the power of gamification for entertainment venues, Parafait — the venue management system from Semnox—has been enhanced with a comprehensive rewarding mechanism—the Parafait Achievement Module. Let us take a look at how this module works. 

How Does the Parafait Achievement Module Work?

The Parafait Achievement Module allows operators to define achievement criteria for a particular game, activity or event that a player wishes to be involved in. When the player fulfils these criteria, they are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for purchases at the venue.

To create a thrilling experience, it is possible to define a multi-tier achievements layer based on the points earned. This gives players the feeling of making progress, enticing them to come back to play more. The possibility of redeeming the points for additional games, gift items or at the food court acts as an additional benefit for the guests.

The Parafait Achievements Module was first introduced for simulator games. Take, for example, Car Town — a game that simulates the life of a car owner. Just like in real life, the game requires the player to pass a driver’s test, follow traffic rules, clean the car and refuel it when needed. Based on the player’s performance in these activities, they earn points. Usage of these reward points can be restricted to the purchase of specific items, or to play a specific game on a specific day/time. The player will also be rewarded with virtual medals based on their levels of achievement—something that kids find especially engaging. 

This is then used to create the leaderboards giving a sense of competition and driving the repeat play. 

Apart from Simulator games, the Achievement Module is compatible with Virtual Reality on one hand and Multi-tower activities at Adventure Parks on the other. 

Increasing Footfall and Frequency of Guest Visits

The Parafait system has several modules that are geared towards helping you increase footfall and frequency of guest visits at your entertainment venue. The true power of the Achievement Module is unlocked when combined with these other modules — driving guest engagement and motivating them to visit more.

Are you looking for new ways to engage your customers and to make your venue the go-to entertainment destination? Then reach out to a Semnox representative right away to enquire about the Parafait venue management solution. Email us at or call us.