Online Bookings: Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

reopening amidst a pandemic how the entertainment industry is adapting

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an accelerated adoption of digital technologies in all industries, and the entertainment industry is no exception. Online bookings, self-service kiosks, cashless payments, and similar technologies are helping venues across the world reopen quickly and safely. 

Expanding the Scope of Online Bookings

The Online Booking module from Semnox is a valuable addition to the operator’s regular bookings at their venue of operation. This system facilitates a customer to plan their visit to the venue and avoid queues by allowing them to complete their registration and card purchase or card recharge online through secure payment gateways integrated into the module.

While on one hand, the guests have a seamless booking experience, on the other hand, the operators are benefited by having a single system to manage the walk-in bookings and online bookings owing to the integration of the online booking system into Parafait Venue Management System. 

The key features of the online booking module include:

  1. Attraction booking: Integration of Semnox’s online booking system can help guests book their slots for specific attractions online. These can be implemented in facilities or venues where there are a set seating capacity and schedule for a specific attraction, like laser shows and sight-seeing tours. The implementation of online booking eliminates crowds queuing up at the attraction booking point-of-sale counters at the venue. 
  2. Prevents double booking: The integration of the online booking system into Parafait Venue Management System makes it easy for the operators to manage their attraction bookings effectively by avoiding instances of double-booking, thereby displaying real-time availability of schedule and time slots. This in turn helps the businesses in building an efficient capacity management system. 
  3. Guest login: The online booking module comes with a guest login option which allows the user to directly use the services in the online booking system without having to go through a detailed registration process. This is especially helpful when guests are looking at a one-time booking, or quick booking without using any login credentials.
  4. Purchase online, redeem anywhere: The virtual store functionality in the online booking system enables the guest to buy and recharge cards online. If the store consists of multiple branches or outlets, the card is issued centrally and can be used or redeemed in any of the branches/outlets of the store.
  5. Sell combos and packages: This feature allows operators to create custom packages for specific numbers of adults and children or create combo packages that can include the entry charges, cost of food/ beverage, specific attractions etc. at the venue. 
  6. Pay-by-link: Semnox’s online booking system allows the guests to confirm their bookings first, after which they can opt to make payments using the “pay-by-link” option. The payment link will be sent to the guest, allowing anyone with the link to proceed with making the payment.

After a successful online booking, the guest can redeem their purchase at the facility either using the self-service kiosk, or the point-of-sale. 

With Semnox’s online booking system, the possibility of booking anywhere, anytime and on any device, along with immediate booking confirmation via email, creates an experience that is quick and convenient for the guests. The booking system supports multiple languages, making it more user friendly for people across the globe. 

With the shift of the manual systems to digital technology, online booking systems are here to stay. Semnox’s online booking system is a step ahead in enhancing the guest and operator experience by making it more convenient, and less time-consuming, thereby helping entertainment venues adapt to the new normal.

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