Semnox was featured on Intergame for the successful completion of the Chuck E Cheese Roll Out at 511 locations

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India-based debit card specialist Semnox has completed the 18-month re-equipping of the entire 511-strong chain of Chuck E Cheese locations across the US – and is about to take on further challenges from the same group.

InterGame met Mahesh Sadarangani (pictured right), senior vice president, strategy, for Chuck E Cheese Entertainment, on the Semnox booth at the IAAPA trade show in Florida yesterday, who released news of further contracts for Semnox and its Parafait system.

“We now intend to move on to our outlets in Canada where we have 11 stores and, after that, equip our US franchised venues of which there are 26. We hope to have these up and running in the first quarter of the new year.

“That will be followed by our international chain of stores, of which there are over 50. We would like to see the entire programme completed by the end of 2018.”

Sadarangani said that his group was highly satisfied with the work carried out on the 511 US stores. “It seems hard to believe that every one of them came on line exactly when they were supposed to. We could not have had better partners in this than Semnox. Their service, quality, agility and professionalism could not be bettered.”

He added that it had “helped” that the Semnox Dallas headquarters for its US subsidiary is almost next door to the CEC HQ.

“Even since the start of the installation 18 months ago there has been a constant stream of new updated products from Semnox and we have had a programme of non-stop upgrading. It has been as easy to run as understanding an iPhone.”

From the Semnox point of view, director Kiran Karanki went on record as saying that there were no special difficulties in the CEC exercise.

“They have an excellent technical team and we worked together very easily. We had a team of 16 technicians working on the project constantly. We are now looking forward to completing the other CEC locations in other countries.”