Greenspace Leisure starts using Semnox Online Booking Module

Oct 16, 2019

Greenspace Leisure Private Limited – one of the prominent park operators in UK, starts using Semnox Online Booking Module since August. Greenspace is one of the proud users of Semnox for more than 3 years. Semnox Cashless system has been in use at 5 different locations of Greenspace Leisure, across UK

Below is what Mr. Jay Wheatly, one of the owners of Greenspace Leisure Private Limited has to say about Semnox. 

“Semnox has become an integral part of our day to day business for more than 3 years. Semnox gives us immense flexibility in terms of offering various packages to our customers, building customer relationship and managing all our park operations digitally and thus allowing myself much more time to spend on business expansions. Their support has been excellent. They always seem to be ahead of technology to adapt to market demands. We have recently gone live with online purchase module for all 5 places which has seen a good response from our customers. I think, this will be an important feature as we start to operator more parks in UK. Customers can top-up online and spend at any park operated by Greenspace. We curiously look forward to utilizing more of such features from Semnox in coming days”

Greenspace has been using features like money deducting agents at the rides, staff attendance, food and beverage sales, CRM modules, outdoor rated Self-Service Kiosks powered by Eurocoin, Customer Card Roaming across all locations, online live reporting and many more. Online Purchase module is going to be a value-added service that not only gives an additional channel of revenue but also helps enhancing guest experience by many folds. Semnox looks forward to having a continued business relationship with Greenspace Leisure and help them achieve greater levels of success.


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