Marioland implements Semnox’s Cashless Debit Card system at 3 of its new locations in Thailand

marioland implements

Mario Land, one of the largest chain of Family Entertainment Centers in Thailand owned by the Hahama Group recently implemented Semnox’s Cashless Debit Card system at 3 of their new locations. The 3 new locations namely Snow and Ice Planet, Whaley Port and Wonder Planet have a combination of Arcade, Redemption, Video Games including a full-fledged Children’s play, a Snow Park at Snow and Ice Planet and an artificial kid’s beach at Whaley Port. At an average of about 250 games at each location, these 3 new sites are a complete family entertainment zone for all ages under one roof.  Semnox’s 3.5 Inch Color readers working on the latest 802.11b/g Wi-Fi technology are installed on each of the games. In addition to this, Semnox’s integrated time based billing system has been implemented at each of these sites to bill customers exactly for the time they spend in the Children’s soft play area and Snow Park.

“Our partnership with Semnox has grown over the years and I very strongly attribute this to the stability of the Parafait system and Semnox’s ability to keep updating their products and services on an ongoing basis” Said Mr Heng, Owner, Hahama Co. Ltd. “Our unique value proposition in this industry would not have been possible without the technology that we have used from the Parafait system. Our success story has been backed by a strong and technologically advanced cashless system that we have successfully implemented at our location with the help of Semnox.” He added.

“ The robustness and scalability of the Parafait platform has helped us to deliver a transformational cashless system for Marioland.” Said Kiran Karanki, Director, Semnox Solutions. ”We will continue to build on our strength and experience in the Entertainment Industry to make a truly positive impact through technology for our customers” he added.