Semnox Debuts at Syria: Goes live with Remote Installation at Leisurezone with Partner Salah Koddoura (IT Build Company)

With the world finally seeing light amidst the pandemic, Semnox has gone live with its first project implementation in Syria. Semnox, along with its partners at Syria, the IT Build Company have successfully implemented the Parafait suite at Leisurezone, an arcade game facility at Damascus.

The implementation project involved set up of Parafait Lumin and Xter readers for the games, POS counters for sales and RFID Cards as debit cards. Semnox’s partners at Syria have played a major role in this win for Semnox. The highlight of this implementation is that it has been done remotely, with no major glitches and the site was live within the planned timelines.

“We are excited about being able to partner with Semnox and see the Leisureland project take off smoothly. The remote installation did not create any problems for the centre, and the communication between the Semnox team and the team here at Syria was easy. We look forward to many more projects in the coming months”, said Salah Koddoura of IT Build Company.

“We had to consider a lot of factors while taking up this project at Syria, especially with the travel challenges involved in the present situation. We have always been able to give the best world class support post-implementation remotely and were confident that this entire project can take off with remote installation as well. This will be a benchmark project for us, considering the way the entire implementation took off smoothly!”, says Vinayaka Kamath, Sales Head – Europe and Middle East, Semnox Solutions.

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